Like inquiries about my musical identity, I hear a variety of questions associated with my musical methodologies. Consider the following Q's and A's, which should provide you with some insights.

How do you approach song composition?
I approach song composition by lyrically and/or instrumentally explaining or expressing experiences. So, when things are happening to or around me, I ask myself, "What does that sound like?"
Who were your primary influences when you began playing bass?
When I began playing bass in the mid-70's, my primary influences were: Carol Kaye, Darrell Wright, James Jamerson, Bob Babbitt, Chuck Rainey, Larry Graham, Bootsy Collins, Stanley Clarke, Anthony Jackson, Tony Garnier, Verdine White, Paul McCartney, Louis Johnson, Will Lee, Marcus Miller, Alphonso Johnson, Keni Burke, Jaco Pastorius, Paul Jackson, Ron Carter, Robert Popwell, Chris Squire and Michael Henderson. I'm quite certain, however, there were many, many others.
What kinds of basses do you play?
Although I own an assortment of them, for studio and live performances I usually play Pedulla basses.
What amplifiers and speakers do you use?
I use Eden amplifiers and speakers. The exact configuration depends on the kind of performance; e.g., studio, live, intimate, stadium, etc.
Do you use any effects pedals?
Yes, including an envelope filter, wah, rust driver, analogue delay, octaver and flanger.
How do you incorporate the use of other instruments into writing and performing?
Musical expression is about fluidity. Therefore, I try not to limit sound experimenting to my bass. The use of multiple, mechanical and non-mechanical elements is, seemingly, a natural response to what is being felt when I write and perform.